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Twins Graduate Together with BCom Degrees

April 18, 2017

Twins Nihal and Yashil Somers graduated with BCom degrees. 

Twenty-one-year-old twins Yashil and Nihal Somers graduated with Bachelor of Commerce in Information Technology and Marketing degrees.

Yashil, an IT Demonstrator at UKZN, advised students to tackle studying in small increments, rather than cramming just before an exam. ‘To me, it’s all about the efficiency of your study time rather than the accumulated quantified time spent studying. This means that studying for an hour, if done right, is far more productive than studying for several hours half-heartedly.’

A strong advocate for a work/study/recreational balance, Yashil said: ‘Nobody enjoys studying; let’s not even try to sugarcoat that! With that said, I think many people have more mental challenges when studying, in that their cognitive mindset tells them that there are far better things to do than study.’

From the age of 10, Nihal has been fascinated with computers and has had a natural flair for using them. He believes IT is the wave of the future. ‘In my view, with the current state of things, and indeed where we are headed in the future, the world is rapidly integrating IT with almost everything, making it the perfect major to study.’

Nihal, the elder of the two by three minutes, is currently completing his honours at UKZN and has developed an affinity for marketing. ‘The combination of IT and marketing appealed to me the most, due to these services being integrated, such as conducting e-Commerce online. It gives you a better understanding of why adverts/promotions and other sales endeavours are conducted in the way they are.’ 

The twins, who both play musical instruments, have a healthy sense of friendly competition, which has prompted them to excel in academia and sport.

They thanked their parents and siblings, friends and family for being a huge part of their support system.

Raylene Captain-Hasthibeer

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