The Aerotropolis Institute Africa (AIA) aims to contribute to the body of knowledge on aerotropoli and mainstream aviation industry through research and development; collaborating and partnering with local, international and continental institutions to deliver educational programmes that will develop an aerotropolis human capital; utilising the global panel of aviation and aerotropoli experts to develop thought leadership; and to advocate for policy shifts in support of air transport liberalisation initiatives.
The strategic approach of AIA in relation to research will be to prioritise research projects in aerotropoli and aviation-related areas for which there is very little or no body of knowledge, develop research proposals and identify research partners (such as industry players, bodies, other local and international Higher Education Institutions [HEIs], research institutions, etc.), solicit funding and execute these research projects and finally, publish research outcomes as academic journals and in other platforms like aviation seminars and conferences. In terms of educational programmes, the AIA will develop these on a collaborative basis rather than initiate new ones, explore joint degree programmes in the initial stages, and customise and align UKZN existing degree programmes to include aerotropolis and aviation modules that can be offered in collaboration with other international HEIs identified in the feasibility study.


The Aerotropolis Institute Africa will become a ‘centre of excellence’ and hub for aerotropolis knowledge in Africa and ensure development of skills within Africa to support growth and expansion of the Durban Aerotropolis and aerotropoli globally.


The AIA will provide quality aerotropoli and related aviation-industry educational qualifications and research to Africa and the world, and through its affiliation to UKZN and partnerships with educational and research institutions, aviation and related industries, and government will become the leading aerotropoli skills and knowledge development institute on the continent.