College of Law and Management Studies

Three-year B Com or B Com Accounting degrees extended over four years. The B Com requires NSCDeg
with APS of 30, English (HL or FAL), Mathematics and LO Level 4. Applicants who have not met
Level 4 Mathematics but have Level 3 Mathematics will be streamed into the foundation year.
B Com Accounting requires NSC-Deg with APS of 32 with English (HL or FAL), Mathematics Level 5
and LO Level 4.

Applicants who have not met Level 5 Mathematics but have Level 4 Mathematics will be streamed
into the foundation year.
The one year foundation provision follows a full foundational model with students completing six
foundational modules.

These modules are preparatory to the regular first level courses in the main stream.
The modules are essential for assisting students in developing the cognitively advanced English
usage required for English as a learning tool, especially in discursively oriented disciplines such as
Also the modules are intended to support the students in developing their basic quantitative and
analytical skills required in subsequent Economics, Mathematics and Statistics modules.

The values allocated to the Levels of performance in subjects, i.e. 1-7 are added to calculate the
composite Academic Performance Score (APS).
Please consult the table on the next page for information on the values used.
Life Orientation (LO) is not included in the APS calculation for UKZN (no points are allocated for LO).
The APS is calculated by adding the performance ratings of the other six subjects. Mathematics
paper 3 is not a full subject and is not considered for the APS.
All school subjects (designated and non-designated) appearing in the table on the next page are
approved subjects and are included (and have equal weight) in the calculation of the APS.