College of Law and
Management Studies

Career Focus

Finding a career that best suits you.

Step 01

Choosing A Career Based On Your Personality

Are you trying to decide what career to pursue? Then you should find out what your personality type is. Knowing what personality type you are can help you discover the ideal job and work environment for you.

Step 02

What to study at our college

We have a variety of undergraduate programmes in a variety of disciplines designed to prepare students for the work environment. 

Step 03

Applying For Our Programmes

All our undergraduate programmes applications go via the Central Applications Office (CAO)

Chose a Programme to study

Based on characteristics which programme should you chose the College of Law and Management Studies


Alumni Success Stories

Graduates share their academic journey and how the qualification has helped them in their chosen career path.

Future Employers

What potential employers have to say

The Character Employers Seek

What Employers seek Academically

determining the best fit employment

What do employer have to say. Knowing what future employers have to say can help you best understand the career path you want persue

What to look forward to as an undergraduate student

A balanced academic life is important at the College of Law and Management Studies, we strive for academic excellence while allowing you the opportunity to participate in fun activities for a unique and memorable university experience.

Grade 12 Math Study Resources

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