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Werksmans Attorneys offers two Vacation programmes each year which gives students the opportunity to gain practical experience and exposure to the day to day activities of a leading corporate and commercial law firm. Vacation programmes are also a good way for us to get to know law students. We select about 45 law students each year to join either our Winter (June/July) or Summer (November/December) vacation programmes at either our Johannesburg or Cape Town offices. The firm also offers law graduates the Candidate Attorney /Practical Vocational Training programme which gives candidates the opportunity to work with high calibre clients (including many of South Africa’s leading multinationals, listed companies and financial institutions) alongside some of the best legal minds in the country. We offer comprehensive training and development coupled with our unique annual rotation policy. Our training programme is designed to augment the CA’s rotation through the firm and facilitate their ability to meet formal requirements such as the admission exams. It is also intended to complement the CA’s on-the-job experience and to ultimately create a two year learning experience that will not only set them up for life but also set them apart.

We offer a very competitive salary package and benefits to our signed Candidate Attorneys. The benefits start from the time a candidate receives an offer from us, which includes a bursary of up to R35 000 to help them settle their final year LLB studies bill. In addition, they also receive R1 500 monthly allowance from March to December during their final year of study.

Werksmans’ looks for students with analytical thinking, communication (oral and written), problem solving and time management/priority setting skills. As a firm that specialises in corporate and commercial law, we also look for students with general commercial awareness. We look at traits such as passion, individuality, integrity, intellect, diligence and respect.

Students can demonstrate these skills by taking on extra-curricular activities on and off campus. These can be leadership roles, part-time work, community outreach, hobbies, sports and other interests.

At Werksmans we value law graduates who are passionate for life, learning, expertise and intellect. Graduates who strive for strong academic results whilst also managing other extra-curricular commitments do stand out. Given that we are a corporate and commercial law firm, those who display a desire and general understanding of corporate and commercial law are sought after.

While you are still a student and working hard to get the best academic results, it is important that you develop other skills that will help you take the next step to become successful in your career. Invest your time in various activities whether extra-curricular, part-time work, community outreach or leadership roles. Each of these will develop you in different ways. In addition, make sure that you research all the career options that are available to you as a future law graduate, take time to explore the different avenues to ensure that you are passionate about the career you decide to embark on.