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important things you should know

I believe that due to the long-term relationship between PwC and UKZN, we can be assured that the candidates coming through are of great calibre. In fact, we have two of the top performing candidates for 2019 at UKZN signed to PwC to complete their SAICA articles. We also obtain well-rounded individuals who are insightful, independent and that continuously aspire to learn more.

We offer graduate career opportunities in several areas within the PwC family. These include Actuarial, Risk and Quants Digitial Trust, Financial Services Risk & Regulation, Forensics, Foundation for the Future, Internal Audit, PwC Deals, SAIPA learnership, Strategy & Sustainability and Climate Change, Tax.

Determination and commitment, good communication and numeracy skills, analytical ability, creativity, problem solving skills, leadership skills, responsibility, integrity and ethics, initiative, good time management and the ability to work in a team.

By including academic achievements, extra-curricular activities participation, leadership roles and work experience (if applicable).

Most important is academic performance, good communication skills, Business Acumen skills, emotional intelligence, self-awareness and the ability to respond under pressure.

Focus on academics, get involved in extra-curricular activities on or off campus, stay abreast on current news, in specific, business and financial news. If invited for an interview, prepare in advance, be yourself and be confident. Attend Vac work at least once during your academic career.