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important things you should know

The firm has historically and currently, recruited successful Candidate Legal Practitioners from UKZN. The purpose of the firm`s recruitment strategy is to build a talent pipeline of future Partners of the firm. UKZN graduates have successfully completed our graduate programme and that has driven the firm to continue recruiting at UKZN.

We offer law students Practical Vocational Training for training for admission as a legal practitioner. Additionally, we host vacation programmes during the semester breaks where students are provided with experience in a law firm and information for them to make career decisions.

Integrity; analytical skills; drive and initiative; teamwork and cooperation.

Having a passion for law; good understanding of corporate law (not a technical understanding but the relevance of a handful of our practice areas); their motivation to work in our firm and the corporate law environment; an understanding of what it takes to succeed in our environment.

  • Team work through participating in societies or student organisations or sporting activity.
  • Integrity, drive and initiative are individual characteristics we hope all lawyers possess.
  • Analytical skills are developed through the study of law and demonstrable though achieving a consistent academic performance through the years of study.
University offers an opportunity to study a field that is interesting to you and that you have chosen. Choose wisely and use your time on campus to develop your technical skills and yourself as an individual. Use the time to invest in yourself and ensure the way you spend your time reflects this. Prioritize your academics from first year. Endeavour to deepen your understanding of the subject matter and the law in general. Push for academic excellence. All this results in the many opportunities being open to students in the form or employment opportunities, bursaries, merit awards and a general sense of success.