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Working Women: The Positive Effects of COVID-19 on Working Mothers

There is a significant number of women participating in all spheres of economic activity, while also caring for their families and elderly parents, furthering their own academic studies and maintaining social and spiritual balance. Mothers are spending more time in the labour force than in the past but also more time dealing with child care.…

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Airlines, airports… and the Durban Aerotropolis on the Skids!

KwaZulu-Natal is currently in the implementation phase of the airport city development masterplan for the Durban Aerotropolis but bedeviled by the coronavirus disease which is causing disruption, uncertainty and fear in almost every aspect of life as we know it. The aerotropolis is an urban development feature concentrated around an airport with the ultimate goal…

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Are SA Higher Education Institutions Ready to Teach Entrepreneurship Online?

COVID-19 poses a challenge to the higher education landscape at a magnitude similar to the emergence of technology-supported online instruction. It is thus no coincidence that the solution to this poser lies – in part, at least – in higher education’s commitment to foster online teaching and learning. Indications are that all universities in South…

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