COVID-19 Propels the New Digital Era in SA Higher Education Institutions

The global pandemic COVID-19 has created major disruption across the world. Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) have been affected significantly, with students and staff vacating campuses as lockdowns approached. With this came the drastic decision at UKZN – a face-to-face higher education institution – to move to online teaching. As a result of the sudden onset

Leading Self in a Time of Crisis

In the Graduate School of Business and Leadership at UKZN, I specialise in teaching and researching an awareness-based experiential model of personal and collective transformation called Theory U. An internet search will yield much by way of reading and visual materials. However, this sharing is not meant to be an academic, scholarly exploration, but rather

Leadership, Trust and managing a virtual workforce in the times of covid-19

The adage by author and public speaker Brian Tracy that “the true test of leadership is how well you function in a crisis” holds true for many leaders and organizations. Leaders have a special role in turbulent times. Exceptional leadership is an essential survival component for contemporary organizations. The current business environment characterized by unprecedented

Order in disorder

You may have been blessed with the ability to be fairly good at multi-tasking… and may even also display traits and characteristics that include being flexible, resilient, calm and able to be optimistic. I was teaching the Leadership module to my new Postgraduate Diploma class about seven weeks ago. One of the first things us