COVID-19 Propels the New Digital Era in SA Higher Education Institutions

The global pandemic COVID-19 has created major disruption across the world. Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) have been affected significantly, with students and staff vacating campuses as lockdowns approached. With this came the drastic decision at UKZN – a face-to-face higher education institution – to move to online teaching. As a result of the sudden onset

Technology fosters international collaboration during COVID-19

COVID-19 has radically changed the shape of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) worldwide. ‘Diminished high-level research funding and fewer face-to-face conferences and collaboration – these are some of the potential consequences from the coronavirus pandemic as it affects higher education in Africa’ (Naidu, 2020). An international webinar hosted by Allenhouse Colleges, Kanpur, India, on the Impact

ICT as an Enabler Post Covid-19

Covid-19 Impact on Higher Education Institutions The Covid-19 pandemic has tested and challenged Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans of many organizations. Whilst some argued that the pandemic is not a direct disaster to the organization, the lockdown is a direct business continuity problem. The organization’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP) include provision on how business

Infodemic during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Ethical Implications

The 1998 International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Plenipotentiary Conference in Minneapolis, United States, made a resolution to give ITU greater participation in the evolution of the Internet as a means of global communication. Consequently, the Conference called on ITU to plan for a World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) to among other things find mechanisms

Economic Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on SMEs in South Africa

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) account for the majority of businesses worldwide and contribute immensely to job creation and economic development. SMEs in this country are diverse, heterogeneous and exist in all sectors of the economy. They are defined in terms of the number of people employed or the rand annual turnover. In this regard,