Why you should join a student club or society?

Why you should join a student club or society? A rich university experience is about more than only focusing on your studies. Joining a student organisation provides a perfect opportunity to expand your social circle by meeting new people, learn about yourself, and make a difference. And it looks good on your CV. Here are…

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ICT as an Enabler Post Covid-19

Covid-19 Impact on Higher Education Institutions The Covid-19 pandemic has tested and challenged Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans of many organizations. Whilst some argued that the pandemic is not a direct disaster to the organization, the lockdown is a direct business continuity problem. The organization’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP) include provision on how business…

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Unlocking the Power of Student Entrepreneurship

The newly-formed Student Entrepreneurship and Innovators Society hosted an event showcasing the thriving culture of student entrepreneurship at UKZN. The Society was founded by College of Law and Management Studies’ Acting Public Relations Manager Ms Thandiwe Jumo, Enactus member Mr Muhle Ndwalane, and “Deniim Friday”member Mr Rinae Thenga, based in the School of Management, IT…

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Inspiring Greatness