College of Law and Management Studies

Admissions Officer at the School of Education on the Pietermaritzburg campus, Ms Geshree Kannie, who recently graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, says her interest in the corporate world is what inspired her to pursue this qualification.

‘The experience was very rewarding, it has made me look at the world differently,’ said Kannie. ‘We had such a dedicated team of staff teaching this course. They were very knowledgeable about trends and technologies currently being used in the corporate sector. They made learning interesting and realistic.’

Being a wife and a mother meant balancing work and school – and it was her family that bore the brunt of her stress. ‘I worked diligently over the weekends so as a result, there was very little time to spend with my family,’ she said.

Through her family, she has learned the true value of support. ‘My husband has been my motivator, my source of encouragement and pillar of strength. There were many pressurising moments during this journey but his reassurance and support kept me going.’

Geshree says more than anything, she is happy to make her family proud and is also grateful for the sacrifices they have made for her benefit. ‘My husband, daughter, mom and sister have been my pillars of strength. This degree would not have been possible without their unwavering support and encouragement.’

Words: Lungile Ngubelanga
Photograph: Gugu Mqadi