College of Law and Management Studies

Ms Michelle Reddy, who was among the top three finalists in The Bachelor SA, M-Net, graduated with a Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership Studies.

Reddy’s academic journey was an interesting one marked by her day-to-day life as a corporate communications specialist, her choice of self-investment and participating in a reality television show. ‘Whilst having a career and concentrating on postgraduate studies, I also wanted love,’ she quipped.

She admits that the reality show was an emotional rollercoaster but as a highly focused professional and with support from her family she was able to manage all facets of her life. Reflecting on her journey she said: ‘Whilst shooting, I wrote two of my final exams. I knew could not write a supplementary exam due to the show’s schedule.

‘I faced fluctuations, physically and emotionally which resulted in stress-eating. I tried to find quiet time to study and to balance work with trying to find love. Eight kilogrammes later, I was back to square one trying to focus on me again. Thankfully, I passed both exams and searched for a new focus – self-development.’

While Reddy’s area of specialisation is in the field of marketing, the programme offered by the Graduate School of Business and Leadership (GSB&L) was a perfect choice as she wanted to consolidate and extend her leadership capability in her organisation. She has extensive experience in marketing having worked as a customer and shopper marketing specialist in Mauritius, Madagascar, Angola and international trade markets. She has started applying what she learnt from her lectures and is confident that her qualification will enable her to navigate her dynamic and complex work environment.

She said that she enjoyed interacting with diverse peers in class, engaging with her lecturers and learning best practice from industry experts during guest lectures.

Reddy is a firm believer in seeking help from people who have travelled the journey. Commenting on the support from the GSB&L she said: ‘I was so grateful to have Professor Cecile Proches as a mentor, confidant and an educator.

‘My family are proud of my accomplishments and encourage me to always read, evaluate and develop beyond yesterday,’ said Reddy.

Words: Hazel Langa
Photograph: Supplied by News24