College of Law and Management Studies

Bachelor of Business Science cum laude graduates, Mr Michael Baxter, Ms Tiasha Govindasamy, Ms Revania Padayachee, and Ms Yasmin Randeree are well equipped and ready to take the business world by storm!

Baxter says that he was uncertain about which university qualification to pursue after leaving school so he took a gap year. It was during the gap year that he decided on a Business Science degree, specialising in Information Systems and Technology (ISTN) as he considered it the best qualification to gain transferable skills to succeed in any career.

‘I look forward to making an impact wherever I find myself in both the near and distant future – whether that be in NGOs, corporate environments, entrepreneurial ventures or even in a church,’ said Baxter.

‘I know the skills I have gained and lessons I have learned both directly and indirectly at UKZN have equipped me to do just that.’

For Govindasamy, it was her passion for financial markets and investments that first influenced her study choice. ‘I want to contribute to much-needed change within the financial services industry as well as to solve the many challenges our financial services industry faces daily both locally and globally. I also want to contribute and strengthen the global phenomenon of “Women in Finance”, allowing me to showcase the incredible strength and power of women.’

She is currently pursuing a career in corporate investment banking and hopes to continue on to a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualification.

Padayachee, who is a College DVC Scholarship recipient, chose to study towards a Bachelor of Business Science Degree with majors in Finance and Economics. This choice was motivated by her keen interest in the area. ‘It is definitely a field that will challenge and excite me,’ she said.

She added that her university experience had been challenging but the dedication and consistency she put into studying and completing assignments definitely made a difference in her achievements.

Padayachee is currently a graduate trainee at Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking. ‘I am so thrilled to be working in a bank as it is something I have aspired to.’

For Randeree the degree was not her first choice as she had first thought of “pursuing something in the health science field”.

‘I enjoyed maths in school so I tried to find something where this would help, and when I read up on Business Science I saw it incorporated a lot of maths.’ This also influenced Randeree to choose economics and statistics as her majors.

‘The journey was not easy,’ she said. ‘There were many sacrifices I had to make in order to put my studies first and achieve the results I did. However, the journey was worthwhile and in the end, my results reflected the effort I put it in.’

Randeree started working at Al Baraka Bank in December last year, and says the qualification was worth it as it provided her with a solid foundation for the workplace.

Words: Lungile Ngubelanga
Photograph: Rogan Ward