College of Law and Management Studies

‘I chose HR because I consider myself to be an extrovert as well as an influential person and felt the degree would help bring out these characteristics.’

So says 21-year-old Ms Serusha Pillay, who received her Bachelor of Commerce Honours (Human Resource Management) degree cum laude.

‘I believe the qualification will help me make a difference in the lives of employees in a variety of areas including training, reimbursements and health insurance,’ said Pillay.

‘My studying experience was exciting, stressful, and a lot of hard work. The best part was the amazing people I met. I made a lot of friends from different backgrounds who I learned so much from.’

Pillay says university life moulded her into a more independent and responsible woman. ‘Responsibility is something that can be learned with or without attending university but the beauty of being at a university is that you are with other young adults making the same mistakes and learning from them. Learning by doing has proven to be the most beneficial way of growing up.’

Her short-term goal is to complete a human resource internship, which will help her gain valuable work experience, after which she wants to get a high-level job and build her career from there.

Words: Lungile Ngubelanga
Photograph: Rogan Ward