College of Law and Management Studies

Denim Friday is a cool happening taking place every week on all UKZN campuses providing budding entrepreneurs with an opportunity to sell products, advertise skills and interact with the UKZN community.

The event allows UKZN students to take a proactive role in driving social cohesion at the University in line with the Strategic Plan 2017-2021.

‘As students, we have noted that there is a lack of leisure and lifestyle activities for us to socialise in outside the classroom,’ said Denim Friday’s facilitator, Mr Bongumusa Mbatha. ‘We know the University is a place of teaching and learning but the social element is also important to ensure that we do not burn out and become depressed because we are so focused on our books.’

Denim Friday started out as a gathering of creative students with a love for denim to meet and exchange fashion ideas but it has grown to be much more than that. Apart from the entrepreneurship aspect, which is supported by the College of Law and Management Studies, the initiative incorporates clubs and societies, singers, dancers, martial arts displays, poetry and various other artistic elements.

‘Denim has always been associated with manual labour and more recently with outcasts or rebels ( cool kids if you will), so we embrace that culture and attempt to create a community of individuals seeking to explore their talents, enhance their exposure or more simply aspiring to reach their full potential,’ said Mbatha.

The movement is also getting attention on social media as its Instagram page has over 700 active followers.

To find out more about Denim Friday, follow it on Instagram: @Deniim_Friday, and Denim Friday on Facebook.

Words: Thandiwe Jumo