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Management Studies

Dr Trishana Ramluckan among the Top 50 Women in Cybersecurity in Africa

Dr Trishana Ramluckan, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the School of Law, was honoured for her research by her inclusion in the inaugural Top 50 Women in Cybersecurity in Africa awards, announced at the online quarterly cyber security conference Quartercon.

The awards were to be announced in March; however, the ceremony was delayed and eventually moved online. According to the awards invitation, ‘this list recognises women in cybersecurity in Africa in 2019/20, who have made significant contributions to advance the industry, and are shaping the path for future generations of professionals among other vital contributions.’

The awards were sponsored by Cyber in Africa, a cybersecurity media company based in Nairobi, and WISECRA (Women in Security and Resilience Alliance), an international organisation promoting security-related careers for women, including cybersecurity. There were over 300 nominations for the 50 places, with the nominees representing a variety of professional levels and sectors across seven African countries.

Ramluckan was nominated for her research in governance and international law related to cybersecurity.

She has presented at numerous academic and professional conferences both internationally and locally, some with international collaboration. She also has multiple journal articles published or in press focusing on the international cyber law related to a South African context. This is a particularly pertinent topic as South Africa has seen a significant rise in the number of cyber-attacks during the COVID-19 pandemic, and globally the number of state-sponsored cyber-attacks is increasing. This year there have been reports of cyber-espionage on medical research facilities working on COVID-19 vaccines and cyber-attacks between Iran and Israel, with Australia falling victim to state-backed cyber-attacks.