College of Law and Management Studies

Head of the Teaching and Learning Unit at the College of Law and Management Studies, Dr Anna Bengesai, who was awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Management with a distinction, says she did it for her daughter.

‘My daughter, Ruvimbo Mache was starting her first year BSc Pharmacy and I wanted to motivate her and show her what it means to be a university student. I chose a qualification – PG Dip in Management – which is useful in my career being in a management position as I am,’ she said.

Bengesai said the experience was amazing. She and Ruvimbo wrote two exams on the same day involving them studying together and working towards similar deadlines. ‘What was unexpected though was how I got to better understand the challenges both students and academics face in regards to late submissions, lecture attendance, assignment deadlines, and even failing to grasp material.

‘I initially struggled with accounting so I had to work extra hard to pass. When I wrote my first semester exams, I was also depressed and I remember I could not even study for the first two exams. I literary walked into the exam room unprepared for the exam but because I had a very good DP, I knew that would carry me through.’

Bengesai completed the diploma with a distinction and says she will use the experiences in her management capacity to inspire students they work with at the Unit.

Words: Lungile Ngubelanga
Photograph: Supplied