College of Law and Management Studies

Graduate School of Business and Leadership Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr Ankit Katrodia’s research on The Effect of Using Multi-Skilled Workforce on the Flexibility of Project Resource Scheduling and Project Costs: X Ptm Central Group Project Execution Department, was chosen as the Best Paper at the recent inaugural international symposium titled: Out of (and into) Africa, which focused on African consumer marketing and firm strategies.

The symposium, held at Morgan State University in the United States, was the first ever international symposium of research on consumers, marketing and firm strategy in the African context and brought together scholars, researchers and policy makers as well as marketing experts to encourage collaboration between academia and marketing practitioners.

The study addressed the effect of using multi-skilled workforce in the execution of project activities by studying the changes in project execution resource scheduling flexibility and project costs in response to workforce multi-skilling strategy. The paper was co-authoured with Ms Thulisile Manyi and Dr Rosemary Sibanda.

Katrodia said participating in the Symposium was an enriching experience. ‘I like participating in international academic activities as it broadens my professional outlook and having my paper acknowledged by an international institute was a humbling moment as it shows that our standards are world-class,’ he said.

Katrodia holds a PhD in Management, an MBA in Marketing, an MCom in Marketing and Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management.

As part of his postdoctoral research, he has published two articles: Consumer Buying Behaviour at Shopping Malls: Does Gender Matter? as well as The Determinants of Shopping and Buying Behaviour: A Case at Durban Shopping Malls. He is also currently doing research on challenges faced by small and medium entrepreneurs.

Words: Thandiwe Jumo