College of Law and
Management Studies

Law Lecturer Graduates with PhD

The language of human rights and its impact on the African continent was the focus of doctoral graduate Dr Maropeng Mpya’s PhD study.

Titled: Enforcement of “Human Rights” Standards against Multinational Corporations (MNCs), the study asserts that MNCs are an intrinsic part of colonisation, which has resulted in the exploitation of Africans. It was supervised by Professor Nomthandazo Ntlama.

‘The research provides a contemporary critique and offers solutions to the colonial, imperial and racist practices of the Global North’s MNCs towards the Global South generally and Africa specifically. It is ground breaking in that it centres African episteme in solving African problems. Moreover, to dismantle the fallacy of human rights as just another nomenclature of Global North colonialism, the thesis frames the principle of Botho not only in its employment in MNCs, but for a jurisprudence that must underpin every decision making process in Africa,’ explained Mpya.

An academic at UKZN’s School of Law and Director of part-time Practical Legal Studies (Durban) at the Law Society of South Africa, Mpya is looking forward to using his newly acquired knowledge to enhance his career.

‘This qualification has not only put me in the small pool of Africans who have PhDs in South African academia but has generally opened doors for me to serve every African better because I have acquired not just a degree but information that will change Africa for the better. My purpose in life is to serve others. I thank God that He has given me the wisdom to do so and I pray for the emancipation of the African continent. My greatest achievement is seeing my students and the general public achieve their goals, such as resolving their legal problems, going to overseas universities on scholarships, and being excellent attorneys and advocates who do amazing work in serving society,’ said Mpya.

Words: Thandiwe Jumo
Photograph: Andile Ndlovu