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MBA Degree for Operator in Hospitality Sector

UKZN alumnus, Mr Kieron Moodley is a firm believer in continuous learning as a strategy to keep abreast of the latest methods of addressing complex business challenges. This has seen him add a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree to his list of qualifications which includes a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting degree as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration.

Moodley’s MBA research, supervised by Professor Cecile Proches, was titled: The Role of Social Media in Influencing Tourist Consumer Behaviour within the Holiday Travel Process. The research gave him insights into how a traveler uses social media in the decision making process which happens prior, during and after travelling.

The findings of this study will assist tourism promoters to provide pertinent marketing stimuli to consumers at various stages of their travels.

Moodley’s career started in the field of Accounting and Finance however, he changed when he became bored with its rigidity and decided about eight years ago to follow his passion for the hospitality sector as he felt there was a high growth rate in the industry.

He is currently one of the owners and Directors of iNtaba River Lodge, a four star family resort in the Eastern Cape.

Commenting on his academic journey, Moodley said: ‘The motivation came from the recognition that I needed to enhance my skills and ability relating to how I manage my business on a daily basis. I felt that doing the MBA would assist in providing that foundation from which I could take what I learn and adapt pertinent aspects to my business setting.’ The delivery of lectures in a block mode allowed him to look after his business while completing postgraduate studies.

‘I believe the MBA programme helps one look at situations from different perspectives. The Programme is practical in a way that trains you to engage with others and find opportunities that present themselves. The MBA programme also blends theory with practice in a manner that has helped me find strategic alignment issues within my own business,’ he said.

His family, company directors and his supervisor provided a stable support structure during his studies. ‘I am the first in my family to achieve a masters so that is a big achievement for us as my academic success was without doubt a group effort.’

Words: Hazel Langa 
Photograph: Rogan Ward