College of Law and Management Studies

School of Accounting, Economics and Finance academic, Professor Msizi Mkhize and his son, Commerce Master’s student, Mr Siphesihle Mkhize, are using Facebook to share their Mathematics study material and solutions with the country’s rade 12 pupils during the COVID-19 national lockdown.

Mkhize’s use of innovative and creative Mathematics and Accounting teaching and learning strategies earned him a 2019 Excellence in Teaching and Learning Award from the Higher Education Learning and Teaching Association of Southern Africa (HELTASA). The user-friendly maths solutions prepared in a step-by-step method enables Grade 12 learners to practice at home during the lockdown.

‘I have been a Mathematics practitioner for the bigger part of my life, written books in both Mathematics and Maths Literacy and taught both learners and teachers,’ says Mkhize.

‘We saw an opportunity as UKZN to remain engaged with our prospective students through social media (Facebook and WhatsApp) during the lockdown. This led to us developing user-friendly material (slides) for Grade 12 Mathematics learners. They are prepared in a step-by-step method and available free of charge. Our approach is to first arouse interest, create attention and show exciting and fun problem solving methods. This allows teachers and learners to relearn and unlearn (modify) Grade 12 Mathematics during this time,’ he added.

Topics covered thus far range from Euclidean Geometry (theorems) to Trigonometry problems. The father and son also share Grade 9 Mathematics material with the aim of encouraging learners to choose Mathematics in Grade 10.

‘The level of passion for and understanding of basic Mathematics concepts at the foundation and intermediate phases among teachers is our major challenge as a country. My longstanding proposal to the Department of Education is that every Maths teacher must be a specialist Mathematics teacher from Grade 1 to Grade 12. Then rename Maths Literacy, and offer an option to do both (some concepts are better presented in Maths Literacy). This would strengthen mathematical acumen whilst growing both Maths Literacy and Pure Mathematics knowledge,’ said Mkhize.

The Maths step-by-step methods can be accessed via Mkhize’s Facebook page: @msizi.mkhize.108, UKZN’s official Facebook page or the College of Law and Management Studies Facebook page: @ UKZN.CLMS