College of Law and Management Studies

Human Resources (HR) expert, Professor Shaun Ruggunan, has been invited to serve on the Editorial Review Board of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal (EDI Journal). The EDI Journal is produced by Emerald Group Publishing and offers a platform for critical and rigorous exploration of equal opportunities concerns including gender, ethnicity, class, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion, and other forms of inequalities in the context of society.

Ruggunan was nominated by Professor Christina Stamper from Western Michigan University, USA, based on his review experience and expertise in HR. He currently serves on the editorial boards of Organization – a SAGE journal as well as the Retail and Marketing Review. He previously served on the editorial boards of the South African Review of Sociology and Professions and Professionalization.

Ruggunan’s appointment is an indication that UKZN academics are highly sought after and respected internationally. His key responsibilities include safeguarding the review integrity of the journal, reviewing at least four papers a year, acting as an ambassador for the journal and increasing its global footprint.

Commenting on Ruggunan’s appointment, Professor Stephen Mutula, Dean and Head of the School of Management, Information Technology and Governance (SMIG), said: ‘The appointment of Professor Ruggunan is testament to the SMIG’s commitment to promoting research excellence and engagement in the global community of scholarship. The School is committed to the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion as espoused in the goals of the journal. These principles are integral to good management scholarship and practice. It is laudable to see academics like Professor Ruggunan elevated to represent the School and the University on an international stage.’

Ruggunan looks forward to working with distinguished academics from all over the world and said: ‘As an HR academic from UKZN and South Africa, I bring a level of diversity and expertise that will strengthen the aims and scope of the journal to reach broader audiences.’ He added that the journal aspires to be more inclusive and one way of doing this is to increase both the geographic and intellectual diversity of its review board.

He is proud to be associated with a publication that resonates with his area of research interest, ‘The journal fits with my own philosophy that HR is about more than just the organisation one works in, but is also about the society in which the organisation exists.’

The EDI is a progressive publication that is on a growth trajectory, having more than doubled the number of submissions, and the acceptance rate has declined from 50% (2016) to 16% (2018). It has also commissioned a number of high profile Special Issues on matters impacting on organisational life, such as #BlackLivesMatter, Trump and EDI, Sexual Harassment and the #MeToo movements, and Anti-Racism and White Supremacy.

Words: Hazel Langa

Photographs: Supplied