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Orientation 2021 covid-19 important information

In view of the current Covid-19 public health emergency — and in line with government mandates — the University has put in place measures to ensure that the 2021 registration processes continue in a manner that mitigates the health and safety risks for our staff, students, and members of our local communities.
Welcome to the College of Law and Management Studies! Our College prides itself on offering a supportive and student-centred learning environment at the 3 campuses where our modules are offered: Howard College, Westville Campus and Pietermaritzburg Campus. The College consists of about 300 dedicated academic and supportive administrative staff and approximately 11 000 committed students. Our academics and professional services staff mission is to facilitate the academic and social growth of all students in our care

Welcome To The College of Law and Management Studies

Dear First-Year Students,
Congratulations on being admitted to the College of Law and Management Studies!
I know some of you might be having different emotions and asking yourselves whether you made the right choice. As the Dean of Teaching and Learning, I would like to assure you that you have made an excellent choice to attain your degree from our College. Here, you will find an incredible and supportive community that nurtures your growth and unlock your true potential.

First-Year Experience

The First Year Experience Programme assists students with the transition from high school to university. It provides them with a strong sense of belonging, while empowering and equipping them with the necessary skills required to navigate and be successful in university. This is achieved through a series of activities, such as an extended orientation, workshops and social activities. First year students are also allocated a mentor, a fellow undergraduate student in the second or third year of study, who helps and supports students through the transition during their first year of university life. Students are made aware of Student Support Services for personal (psycho-social) support and career issues, the Campus Clinic that addresses health concerns and Financial Aid (NSFAS) that addresses financial concerns. A proactive attitude and timeous uptake of these services by first years has been linked with enhanced academic performance.

Find Your Way Around

Get to know your campuses

Virtual Tour

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Campus Maps

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Acceptance of offer

You have been offered a place to study at UKZN in 2021. Please accept the offer within 3 days by completing the relevant forms


Due to Covid-19 and national health regulations, registration for 2021 will take place online for the safety and security of our staff and students, no queues. Registration for first years will run from 23 March until 26 March 2021. For a step-to-step guide on how to register online

Getting Ready for Online Learning (T&L Guide)

Traditional classroom learning requires you to attend classes in person on campus. Considering the current situation in South Africa and many other countries around the world due to the spread of Covid-19, universities are compelled to move to alternative modes of learning.

Student Support Services

Every student needs help on his or her journey from being a first year to graduation. Whether it be academic, financial or health related here is where you can go to get the assistance you need.

Funding Your Studies

If you need to see a Financial Aid Advisor regarding queries related to funding your studies, NSFAS, bursaries or scholarships


The University provides on and off campus student accommodation. Students staying on off-campus University residences are transported on a daily basis to and from campuses. Student accommodation is allocated by the The Student Residence Affairs Department for more information on residences

Students with Disabilities

The Disability Support Unit acts as an advocate, educator, facilitator, planner and trouble-shooter for assuring access for students with disabilities to the academic, cultural, sporting and recreational offerings of the University. Disability services are rendered from campus-based Disability Support Units on all campuses.

Library Services

All registered students, which now includes you, yay! have access to on all campus library facilities. While COVID-19 health and lockdown regulations means that library services are offered remotely, our librarians remain available to provide virtual support for teaching, learning and research.

Safety on Campus

Your safety matters to us that is why UKZN’s Risk Management Services is dedicated to keeping you safe in all campuses. Crime is an everyday reality hence our Security officers patrol the entire campus 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies.

College Handbook 2021

A detailed guidebook that provides students with information about the College such as staff details, sessional dates, academic monitoring and exclusion policies, and general academic rules for degrees, diplomas and certificates offered in the College.

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness Your wellness and creating a caring campus environment is our priority. That’s why the University provides Campus Health Services are provided through its own fully fledged clinic located on each campus. 

Clubs and Societies

A rich university experience is about more than only focusing on your studies. Joining a student organisation provides a perfect opportunity to expand your social circle by meeting new people, learn about yourself, and make a difference. And it looks good on your CV. Here are some student clubs and societies worth joining.


Most frequent questions and answers
Any technical problems relating to logging in or creating passwords are attended to by the Information and Communication Services (ICS). There are three options to contact ICS:
  • If you need technical assistance and you would like to speak to an agent and access help over the phone you dial 031 260 4000 and follow the voice prompts
  • Alternatively, you can forward any of your queries to
  • Once lockdown restricts are eased, students will be able to visit ICS Walk-In Centres located in:
Westville Campus: 1st Floor, L-Block
Howard College Campus: Level 5, Shepstone Building
Pietermaritzburg Campus – Ground Floor, Science Building, Main Campus
Ideally, a student is allocated 40 GB of data (20 GB anytime data + 20 GB night surfer data) monthly. Please use data wisely for online learning. There are no top-ups.
A student must ensure that the cell number registered with UKZN is the same cell number that he/she uses to access the internet.
Students who are funded by NSFAS for the first time will receive a laptop as part of their NSFAS funding package.
ICS will contact students who qualify for a laptop and make arrangements to get the laptop to the student either by collection from campus or through a delivery service.
All registered students will be issued with a UKZN student card once lockdown restrictions are eased. The student ID card offices are located in: Westville Campus: D block, opposite the Cashiers & Student fees office. Howard College Campus: Level 4, Shepstone Building. Pietermaritzburg Campus: Office no. 10, RMS, Building, Milner Road.
Online lectures for first-year students commence on the 26th of March 2021.
Online lectures for returning students begin on the 1st of March 2021.
The commencement date of contact lectures is yet to be announced due to Covid19 regulations.
Students can apply for parking disc in the UKZN website by following the link


Teaching & learning


Student support Servics


School of Law

Academic Leader Research and Higher Degrees
Prof Shannon Bosch
Email :
Academic Leader Teaching and Learning
Dr Freddy Mnyongani
Academic Leader Socio-Legal Studies
Prof Michael Kidd
Academic Leader Academic Leader Business Law
Mr Lesala Mofokeng Email:
Academic Leader Private Law
Dr Paul Swanepoel
Academic Leader Public Law
Mr Adrian Bellengere

School of Accounting, Economics & Finance

Postgraduate Enquiries
Email :
SFTP Programmes
Email :
Academic Leader Research and Higher Degrees
Prof Josue Mbonigaba
Email :
Academic Leader Teaching and Learning
Dr Patricia Shewell
Deputy Academic Leader Teaching and Learning
Ms Shelley Donnelly
Director: SFTP Programmes
Dr Bomi Cyril Nomlala

School of Management, IT & Governance

Academic Leader Research and Higher Degrees: Prof Isabel Martins
Academic Leader Teaching and Learning
Dr Indira Padayachee
Academic Leader HR and Labour Relations (Acting)
Dr Upasana Singh
Academic Leader Marketing and SCM
Prof Maxwell Phiri
Academic Leader Information Systems Management
Dr Ashika Maharaj
Academic Leader Public Governance
Prof Sybert Mutereko
Academic Leader Management and Entrepreneurship (Acting)
Dr Vangeli Gamede