Bachelor of Administration (Public Administration)

  • The Bachelor of Administration degree is only offered at the Westville campus.
  • It is a three-year full-time qualification, which brings together the disciplines of Public Administration, Human Resources and Business Management.
  • This inter-disciplinary approach of the programme promotes the study of governance at all levels through carefully designed modules of the relevant disciplines.


The structure and content of the programme are designed to develop skills and competencies of students to prepare them for a career in the public sector. The programme offers students an opportunity to gain insight into the theory and practice of public affairs, administration, and policy analysis and development management. The programme lays the foundation for a workforce to address the skills deficit at higher levels of public, public-private partnerships and non-governmental organisations. It provides a platform for those wanting to advance to postgraduate studies in Public Governance.


The Council for Higher Education in the country places emphasis on institutions of higher learning to contribute to the transformation of South Africa. The Bachelor of Administration degree is designed to build capacity in and transformation of the public sector environment. Development of knowledge, skills and competencies for enhanced service delivery is a key focus of this degree. Therefore, the rationale is to create a new cadre of individuals equipped with the ability to think critically and independently in a way that interrogates existing knowledge and helps create new knowledge. Producing graduates who are integrative and critical thinkers is consistent with contributing to transformation in South Africa by addressing challenges facing the public sector.


3 years

Entry Requirements

* NSC with bachelor pass and a minimum of 28 NSC points (excluding Life Orientation)
  • Level 3 Mathematics
  • Level 4 English (home or first additional language)
  • Level 4 Life Orientation or equivalent
UKZN-UEL Certificate in Public Administration or equivalent School approved qualification with minimum
  • 60% weighted average
  • 50% final mark for Introduction to Management Studies module (CBAP0MS) (or an approved Mathematics module)


Semester 1

Core modules
  • Introduction to Public Administration PADM1CO
  • Elementary Microeconomics ECON1CO or Principles of Microeconomics ECON101
  • Management 120
  • Introduction to Individual Behaviour and HRM HRMG1A0 or Accounting 101

Semester 2

  • Management Science for Public Governance PADM1MP
  • Elementary Microeconomics ECON1DO or Principles of Microeconomics ECON102
  • *Basic isiZulu Language Studies A ZULN101 or
  • #Principles of Social Behavior & Group Dynamics HRMG1C0 or #Accounting 103
  • End User Computing ISTN100

Semester 1

Core modules
  • Introduction to Local Government PADM2A0
  • Intro. To Public Sector Financial Management PADM2C0
Choose 32cps electives per semester from
  • Career Management HRMG2KO
  • Research Methodology: Statistical Methods and Analysis HRMG2A0
  • Intermediate Macro. & Applications ECON201
  • Introduction to HR Management HRMG2HM
  • Introduction to Marketing MARK2IM
  • Responsible and Sustainable Management Principles MGNT2SM

Semester 2

  • Introduction to Public Sector HRM PADM2B0
  • Introduction to Public Policy Management. PADM2EO
Choose 32cps electives per semester from
  • Managing Workshop Diversity HRMG2JO
  • Employee Wellness HRMG2HO
  • Intermediate Micro. & Applications ECON202
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship ENTR2IE
  • Introduction to Operations Management SCMA2OM

Semester 1

Core Major
  • Development Policy and Project Management PADM3A0
  • Organisational Change and Leadership PADM3EO
Electives Two 3rd year modules (32 credits) in a discipline from the Schools of Accounting and Finance OR Management, IT and Governance ECONOMICS
  • Industrial Organisation ECON305
  • International Economics ECON306
  • Mathematical Economics ECON310
  • Employment Resourcing HRMG3ER
  • Individual Employed Relations Law HRMG3IE
  • Corporate Strategy MGNT307
  • Technology Management MGNT314
  • Consumer Behaviour MARK301
  • Marketing Research MARK303
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management Purchasing SCMA301
  • Management and Contemporary Issues SCMA305

Semester 2

Core Major
  • Contemporary Issues in Public Service Delivery PADM3CI
  • Global & Regional Trends in Public Admin PADM3D0
Electives Two 3rd year modules (32 credits) in a discipline from the Schools of Accounting and Finance OR Management, IT and Governance ECONOMICS
  • Macroeconomic Policy in SA ECON309
  • Quantitative Economics ECON314
  • Development Economics ECON370
  • Corporate Employment Relations & Law HRMG3CE
  • Individual & Organisational Development HRMG3OD
  • Business Ethics MGNT310
  • International Business MGNT315
  • Marketing Communications MARK302
  • Special Topics in Marketing MARK305
  • Special Topics in Supply Chain Management SCMA311
  • Logistics and Physical Distribution SCMA306

Closing date for applications

30 September

Career Opportunities

  • Diplomat
  • Municipal Manager
  • Public Manager
  • Lecturer
  • NGO Manager
  • Administrator
  • Policy Analyst
  • Public Services Administrator
  • Project Administrator
  • Administrative Service Manager
  • Activist/ Lobbyist
  • Communications Officer
  • Contract Administrator
  • Program Analyst
  • Program Director
  • City Manager
  • Mayor

Closing date for applications