College of Law and Management Studies

The, SARAO Postgraduate bursary call for applications for 2019 is now open. Please see attached the call adverts for distribution.



Please take note of the following pertaining to Masters and Doctoral bursary applications:


  1. Masters and Doctoral students apply separately and are reviewed separately. There is a separate application form for Doctoral applicants and a separate one for Masters Applicants. 


  1. Please note that there are two parallel processes involved in the Masters and Doctoral bursary applications:


Process 1: Students apply for bursaries using the online Masters or Doctoral applications forms. 

  1. They do not need a supervisor or topic at this stage. 
  2. There is a section in the application forms where they select from a list of research areas to indicate what area they are interested in, but this does not affect their chances of getting a bursary.
  3. Their applications are reviewed by a panel on academic merit, reference letters etc. 
  4. The call is now open and you can direct students to the online system:


Process 2: In parallel, we have opened the call to Supervisors to submit Research Projects Proposals for Masters and Doctoral Students

  1. Supervisors must submit full proposals as per the guidelines in the application guide, which is provided with the online application form. Application forms are also available at
  2. Supervisors may not submit the same project for Doctoral and Masters. Such applications will NOT be considered. Submit as many proposals as you wish, BUT please keep Masters and Doctoral projects separate
  3. The projects proposals will be evaluated and those deemed to satisfy the required criteria will be approved.
  4. The approved projects proposals will be made available to the shortlisted (panel-recommended) Masters and Doctoral students. 


The recommended Masters and Doctoral bursary students will be given the opportunity to review all the approved projects proposals and to get in contact with the relevant supervisors. In parallel, the application forms of the recommended students will be distributed to all supervisors of approved projects. 



IMPORTANT also to note: Postdoctoral Fellowships – The Postdoctoral call opens on 15 June 2018.

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