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About The Unit

The role of the College of Law and Management Studies’ Teaching and Learning Unit is to implement teaching and learning initiatives and conduct teaching related research among staff and students in all the schools of the College: the Graduate School of Business and Leadership; the School of Accounting, Economics and Finance; the School of Law; and the School of Management, Information Technology and Governance.

The Unit contributes to the Commerce related degree programmes through a range of student focused activities (interventions) that are concerned with assisting students in making the transition from school learning to more independent and critical approaches at university. These aspects are dealt with very specifically in students’ first year of study to enable them to continue these practices throughout their undergraduate years and beyond.

Services Offered In the Unit

Academic Literacy

Academic Literacy is concerned with academic language development. Academic literacy focuses on developing students’ independent learning approaches, critical thinking, understanding of the South African business context, group work skills, ability to organize time, effective communication and research and presentation skills. The content of these activities is responsive to current events and business issues and includes business ethics and concepts.

In addition, students are introduced to the writing conventions of the university. Mother-tongue learning is encouraged by the offering of isiZulu resources and tutorials within specific modules. Effective language interventions are seen as necessary to enhance student proficiency, performance and throughput in these modules.

Further support to develop academic literacy is provided by the Writing Place, based on Westville and Pietermaritzburg campuses. The Writing Place (WP) consultants assist students to improve their academic writing skills – referencing, structure and development of an argument.

Academic Monitoring and Support

Academic Monitoring and Support is concerned with identifying underperforming students early and offering them timeous academic development support.
Academic Development Officers (ADOs) and Academic Development Coordinators (ADCs) from the various disciplines provide academic assistance, mentoring support and guidance to students with regard to the learning approaches that they should adopt. ADOs and ADCs are:-

  • Staff/postgraduate students who combine expertise in the discipline with experience in tutoring.
  • Are available in the various disciplines of the College to provide academic help through individual or group consultations.
  • Have an open door policy and a supportive teaching and learning approach.

Services Available:

  • Individual and group assistance with module content
  • Test and exam preparation
  • Discipline-specific study approaches
  • Individual mentoring support
  • Handling the textbook and volume of work
  • Feedback on written work
  • Academic writing support
  • Group discussion

Extended Curriculum

The three year BCOM General or BCOM Accounting degrees are extended over four years. The Unit co-ordinates the implementation and management of the first year (Foundation year) in the Extended Curriculum. During this first year students will complete six foundational modules. These modules are preparatory to the regular first level courses in the main stream. The modules are essential for advanced English usage required for English as a learning tool, especially in discursively oriented disciplines such as Management. Also the modules are intended to support the students in developing their basic quantitative and analytical skills required in subsequent Economics, Mathematics and Statistics modules.

Academic Orientation for First Years

The Teaching and Learning Unit participates in the College Academic Orientation Programme. Information concerning the academic curriculum as well as the services offered by the Unit is presented to students.

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